Tuesday, April 16, 2002

My hard drive's broken: Yeah, you heard me right. I turned on my PC yesterday, and a nice burny smell came out of the PC. Now all my hard drive does is make a couple of faint clicky noises and that's it. Suffice to say, I haven't backed up anything in a long time, and that means I've lost a lot of code I had done for the site.

So, if anyone knows of a cheap hard drive recovery company in the UK, or has any bright ideas, please let me know. What I've found so far, is well out of my budget range. Help!

Ben (12:45 PM)

Sunday, April 07, 2002

New example code and links: Hey everyone. I've been meaning to update the site for the last couple of weeks, but have only just found the time today.

Dmitry Pryadkin has come up trumps for us again, and supplied another example game with source code which you can find in the Files section. He's written a multiplayer chess game for playing over a network. Next week, I'll have another game with code from him too :-)

Elsewhere, I've just updated the Links page with a few additions, and updates. Firstly, in my quest to become a good 3D modeller, I discovered 3D Buzz today. Here you can find a huge amount of information about all things 3D modelling and animation. The best thing of all here, is the free monthly CD which you can sign up for, teaching you how to use 3DS Max, Maya or Softimage XSI. I can't recommend this site enough :-D There's also talk of a similar CD being released demonstrating the use of Delphi from the site, so head over their and make your voice heard if you want to see one being produced!

Keeping on the 3D theme, Dan Murphy let me know a couple of months back about a 3D engine called TrueVision 3D he'd been using, which was about to be made compatible with Delphi. Well, it now is, and having just tried it this afternoon, I'm very impressed! Expect more about this on the site soon.

Finally, again sticking with 3D, I've altered the link to the Morfit engine, as the company has changed names to 3D State, and I've altered the description of Blender, which for the time being is unavailable due to serious problems with the company. This is a real shame, but here's hoping things change for the better soon.

Keep posting messages on the board, I'm always eager to hear your opinions!

Ben (11:11 PM)

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