Thursday, March 27, 2003

FlexBattle Updated: User137 has been busy, and you'll find that the source code and executable of his FlexBattle game has been updated. You can download it from the Files section. These are the changes:
New version (Robot special edition)!
+ Improved AI
+ Beam weapons

Ben (11:34 AM)

Monday, March 24, 2003

New Tutorial: To mark the launch of the new 3D State (formerly known as Morfit) 3D Developer Studio V6 for Delphi today, you'll find a new tutorial in the usual place taking you through your first steps with this 3D engine. This SDK is free for non-commercial use, and provides an extremely easy way to write 3D games using Delphi. In the first of a new series of tutorials I show you how to load in a world file, and then move the camera around.

You can download the 3D State Delphi SDK by clicking on the link in the Downloads bar on the left, and I recommend you do - it's well worth a look. Later tutorials will cover more in-depth topics on using the engine.

In other site-related news, I've uploaded a new demo from one of our regular message board users, User137. His game is called FlexBattle and is an excellent demonstration of what you can do with DelphiX given a bit of time and dedication. It's similar in style to Worms, and is a lot of fun. You can find it in the Files section of the site, source code and all. If you look in the DelphiX section of the message board, you'll find a thread all about the game.

While we're on the topic of the message board, do come and visit there often. It's been staying relatively busy, and you can often pick up some useful code from various threads. I know the adverts are a pain, but until I can find a better alternative they'll have to stay.

Finally, I'd like to reassure visitors to the site that I haven't forgotten 2D games. Over the coming month, I'll be going back and updated the site with some of the tutorials currently marked as coming soon. Apologies for not having updated this site much lately, I've been rather busy of late. I do have a bit of spare time over the next month though, and should be able to get a few more tutorials written for you all. Thanks for your support :)

Ben (10:13 PM)

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