Monday, September 27, 2004 downtime now over

What can I say? The timing of my host going down was bad, and unfortunately it took out for almost a whole week. Suffice to say, I'm now looking elsewhere to host my site somewhere more reliable.

Apologies to all of you that have tried to access the site over the last week without any success, but hopefully this won't happen again.

Ben (10:17 AM)

Sunday, September 05, 2004 is back!
You've waited patiently, and here it is. The new look, the new forums, and the return of (fairly) regular tutorials.

The first of our new tutorials is now available, and introduces you to glscene, the OpenGL component set for Delphi.

The forums are completely different now. Gone are the adverts and clunky setup, and instead we have an interface more integrated with the rest of the site. You'll be able to see the last few posts on the first page of the site when you visit now, and if you sign up on the forums you'll be able to send private messages to each other. The old forums are still at so that you can refer back to them if need be. If I get a few willing volunteers to help, I hope to copy these old posts into the new forums to make it easier to refer back to old posts, and to continue with threads you've started recently.

So, that's your lot for now, but there are more tutorials almost finished, as well as a few other nice things. I know I've made a few promises to some of you to add code you've written to the site's download section, and if you get back in touch that will certainly happen ASAP ;)

Finally, if you've written a game and want to tell us all about, please do get in touch and we'd be very happy to host it here on the servers. We're also always interested in hearing from you if you'd like to write a tutorial for the site.


Ben (8:00 PM)

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