Monday, November 08, 2004

The forums are now also back up. Hopefully there won't be any issues, but let me know if anything seems amiss. The 'Recent Posts' area in the left hand pane will only work on the front page at the moment as I need to change the code for that on all pages. This will be done over the coming days.

Ben (3:23 PM)

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Okay, this time I mean it. We're back, and we're not going to disappear again. How do I know that? Well, we've moved to a more reliable server host, which I think this time can be trusted. Not only that, but it should also provide a faster loading time for you all.

Apologies for the time it has taken to sort this mess out, it took some bother to get hold of a backup of the database that the forums used to move over but that has now been successful, and that part of the site should be back up sometime on Monday at the latest.

The site is now only accessible through so if you come across any links to where it used to be hosted ( then let me know and I'll let the appropriate webmaster know of the change.

Hopefully we can return to getting tutorials out and keep the fire burning!

Ben Watt

Ben (1:17 PM)

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