Saturday, February 12, 2005

Delphi 2005 Personal to be released
Yes, Borland are finally to release Delphi 2005 Personal. The news has been spreading like wild fire with rumours suggesting it will be free for download, and may have a different license setup with what you can do with it.

Well, something appeared on Borland's site yesterday that appears to confirm that Delphi 2005 Personal is definitely coming out.

If you head to here you'll notice that they've added the ability down the bottom of the page to request a key for it (if you have the CD already). If you actually do request it, it says you've been sent the 'Delphi 2005 Personal 30-Day Trial Activation File' but this could be a mistake.

Still no actual download, but this brings us ever closer to an actual release :) It's possible I guess that they will make it available on PC magazine CDs like they did with version 7, so that you just get the key from Borland, but time will tell.

Ben (1:11 PM)

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